‘Customer Service’ ‘Years of Experience’ ‘Customer Journey’ – heard it all before?

Of course you have, because it’s what every agent thinks you want to hear but, in truth, these are all things you SHOULD expect.

In fact, it’s a minimum requirement that you are treated as a VIP, it’s a prerequisite that we have the experience to know what we’re doing and act in your best interests and any journey can have ups and downs but getting you where you need to be is what we do.

Actually the dictionary definition of ‘Serenity’ is “calm, peaceful and untroubled”

So we’re new…..but we’re not. Our staff have been in the property industry in Felixstowe for a number of years (yes, we know, ‘years of experience’) and yes, we offer a range of services BUT, because we are a local, independent company, we can absolutely tailor the service to meet your needs. We’ll listen to what you want and, between us, we’ll work out what’s best for you.

What we won’t do is tell you that you can’t have ‘this or that’ because it doesn’t fit into that particular ‘service level’ – you want a bespoke package that can evolve with your portfolio? We can do that for you. Our staff have clients that have been with them for 20 years and that’s important to us – it’s a relationship.

We would love you to follow us on all the usual platforms (links below) and we’d love to hear from you. It’s early days so bear with us but we’ll be posting plenty of content – whether that’s important information for Landlords and Tenants or competitions to win prizes, we promise you there’ll be something for everyone.

Thank you for reading, thank you for showing an interest in Serenity Properties and thank you for the business we’ll do together.